Capsul Type Pressure Gauge

Mahalaxmi Instruments offer "MASTER" make Capsule Gauges . Capsule Gauges are designed for measuring low/very low pressures and vacuum. The pressure medium needs to be gaseous. The capsule consists of two diaphragms joined and sealed around their circumference.

Several such capsules may be combined to enable measurement of very low pressures. Normally, pressure is applied to the inside of the capsule, which changes shape as a result. By means of a link and gear movement system, this deflection is converted into rotation of a concentric pointer indicating pressure on a dial. Capsule Gauges are widely used for measurement of low pressure Gaseous pressure.


Dial Sizes 63mm, 100mm & 150mm
Accuracy ±1% to 2% F.S.D
Ranges Std. Ranges from 100 mmWc to 6000 mmWc & Compoun
Case & Ring MS Black Coated, SS 304, SS 316 ( Pressed type / Byonet type )
Socket Brass, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L, Monal, SS 316TI
Sensing Element Capsule ( Brass / Phosphorus bronze / SS 304 / SS316 / SS316L / Monal / Tantalum / Hastealloy C / Titanium )
Movement Brass, SS 304
Wetted Parts SS 304, SS 316
OverPressure Limit 1.10 times of Full Scale Pressure
Window Plexiglass
Pointer plain pointer
Connections 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, ½” BSP or NPT
Mounting Bottom, Bottom Surface, Back Entry
Customized Dials – scales, ranges, OEM logos


  • Measurement of Low Pressure of Gaseous Media
  • Burner Monitoring
  • Gas Production
  • Medical Applications

How to Order / Inquire :

    Please advise the below
  • 1) dial size
  • 2) connection
  • 3) mounting
  • 4) pressure range
  • 5) application media
  • 6) or any other special requirement