Extended Diaphragm Seal

Extended Diaphragm Seal


Extended Diaphragm Seal is mounted on the Nozzle Flange of the Process Pipe line. The diaphragm is extended to the process media though the Nozzle. The length and Diameter of the extension is decided as per the process requirement and nozzle diameter.
The diaphragm is directly extended through the Nozzle and preventing clogging or other obstructions in the connection nozzle. Extended Diaphragm Seals are Suitable for corrosive, highly viscous, crystallizing or hot pressure media.

Optional Feature

  • Cooling Tower
  • Capillary for Remote mounting of the Pressure Instrument
  • Stud / Nut & Gasket for assembling the Diaphragm Seal with Process Flange.

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