In line Flow Through Type Diaph Seal

Flush Diaphragm Seal


In-Line Diaphragm Seal: In line Diaphragm Seals are installed directly in the process flow line. These are referred to as "In-line" or ''Flow-through" types. This diaphragm seal is so designed that the diaphragm is essentially flush with the flow stream and thus continually washed by the process media. Inline Diaphragm Seals are recommended when the process media is Slurry or a liquid that contains a solid component or viscous.

Jacketed In-Line Diaphragm Seal: Jacketed In line Diaphragm Seals are used when the process fluid has a freezing point at normal ambient temperatures. Jacket helps the Diaphragm Seal to externally heat the process fluid by means of Steam or Thermic Fluid. Thus it prevents the process fluid from solidifying and keeps the same at elevated temperature as per the requirement.

Optional Feature

  • Capillary for Remote mounting of the Pressure Instrument
  • Stud / Nut & Gasket for assembling the Diaphragm Seal with Process Flange.

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